Anguilla Info

Anguilla Info

Anguilla is the most northerly of the leeward Isles. It is considered to be in the eastern carribean.

The Valley – center of commerce and governmentElectricity: 110 voltage. Reliable

Sunshine is plentifull. Prevailing Northeasterly tradewinds provide a cooling breeze average yearly temperature 80 degrees.

TV Stations:
All Island Cable
George Hill Rd.
Tel. 3600/3601

ABC Channel 2
Crocus Hill

Network Community TV
Channels 3 & 9
Tel. 3939 Fax #3909
Channel 2
Crocus Hill
Tel. 3918

Radio Stations:
1505 Radio Anguilla
The Valley, Tel. 2218

Caribbean Beacon Radio
Long Path, Tel. 4340

ZJF 105.3 FM
The Valley, Tel. 3157/3919

Population: 9,660

Island Size: 35 square miles

Language: EnglishAirlines:
Air Anguilla Inc.-2643
American Eagle-3500
Liat Ltd.-2238
Tyden Air Inc.-2719

Preschools (Church run)
7 Elementary schools (1 private)
1 Comprehensive school

U.S. Dollars
East Caribbean Dollars

Exchange Rate:
US $1 – EC $2.70

Post Office:
Open 8:00am – 3:30pm, Monday to Friday
(Now open during lunch)
Opposite Caribbean Commercial Centre

New Library & Resource Center
Tel. 2441

The Light–local, weekly
What We Do In Anguilla-monthly
St. Maarten: The Chronicle-daily at stores
St. Maarten: The Herald-weekly

Drinking Water:
Rain water, caught and stored
Bottled water may be preferred

Travel Documents:
The authorities in Anguilla prefer a passport. For more information call the Anguilla Tourist Information & Reservations Office at 800.553.4939

British Dependant Territory Medical/Dental:
Princess Alexandra Hospital – 24 hour Emergency room and ambulance service. Government dental unit available.